Elixir Used In Clash Royale

Clash of Clans

In the game of clash royale, when the cards of the player are placed down, elixiris used. The battle is initiated by the player with five elixirs. With the start of the battle, the numbers of elixirs increase as it starts to produce when the timer gets started.

During the battle, each player is allowed to hold not more than ten elixirs.After two minutes of the battle, an extra elixir is given to each player. Also, the production of elixir increases to double for the game.

In case, both the players end up with the same number of elixirs then extra minute is given with the production of elixir.

Profit With Elixir

  • Often players wonder about Comment avoir Elixir illimité dans clash royale serveur privé. The fact is elixir is just like balanced deck and card placement. For gaining elixir, the cards used for defending should be cheaper than the opponent’s card for attacking.
  • A player is said to earn profit if he spends less elixir in comparison to his opponent player.Elixir collector can also help in gaining elixir. A player can earn a profit of 2 elixirs with the help of each elixir collector.
  • If you have more elixir than your opponent player, then it is more convenient for you to defend or attack other players.Also, with high numbers of elixirs, it is easier for a player to defend his troops. But if your elixirs are lesser than your opponent then it can be very difficult for you to attack the other player who has more elixirs for defense.
  • You will fail to generate elixirs in case your elixirs are maximized. But each player must ensure that they are not left with zero elixir. In that case, a defending player with zero elixir has higher chances to lose the crown tower and will be defeated.