I have high standards for which bands get to be my friend

I just added them to my myspace, so i must have liked them. believe me, i have high standards for which bands get to be my friend. forward russia were another story. even though they were billed as some sort of "crazy frontman" band, i was bored. every song sounded the same. also, they wore matching t-shirts with their band's logo (and reportedly they always do this) and all their songs are named with numbers, after the order in which they were written. shows a lack of creativity, wouldn't you say? i left halfway through their set.

this morning i spent a good 20 minutes clicking through this mitch hedburg quote generator. giggles aplenty, folks. i thought about creating a signature and incorporating one of the quotes into that, but then i realized: i don't do email signatures. next!

the new york state liquor authority is being naughty and banning "christmas beers" with cute labels. what the? this is an outrage! i want my santa's butt winter porter! immediately!

here's a great interview with craig finn, complete with some pretty funny pictures from their shoot for the "chips ahoy" video (which itself contains some serious hilarities). we learn, among other things, that craig has a friend who writes for lost. hey craig, let him know there are still a ton of loose ends, mkay? and tell him if they kill sawyer, there will be hell to pay from catherine's pita. here is my favorite quote from the interview:

"there are a lot of people who are kind of misinformed as to what you are and what you want. There's been a couple instances where people have been like, "Do you want to maybe go to my apartment and maybe smoke some crack?" And I'll be like, "No! And I actually don't think you should either. Is it at all an option for you not to do that? I really recommend not." People are like, "Oh, I thought you might be into that."

by the way, those last two links came from old-school web guy and minneapolite (minneapolitan?) fimoculous, who is compiling a list of year-end lists, including his own top 10 albums list. i seriously could steal so many links from that guy. he sort of makes me realize that hey, there might still be interesting shit on the internet.

so the rumor is that gawker's gonna do a women's magazine blog. huh? this sounds like bad idea jeans to me. some snarky chick making fun of the women's mags? isn't that gonna get old after about two visits?

this is rich: racist michael richards, according to his oh-so-effective PR agent, "feels he is jewish. that is what he'd like to be." yeah, and i'd like to be a millionaire.

like miss modernage, i have finally, just 12 days ago, joined the netflix revolution, and i have now logged hours, literally, rating movies, adding movies to my queue, inspecting my netflix friends' queues and ratings, fucking refreshing the friends page so i can take more quizzes about my friends' favorite movies, and on and on. i mean, i sorta had nothing better to do since my first two dvds never arrived, possibly due to an evil mailman who has thrown mail on the concrete outside my door at least once. um, hello? would you just fling netflix dvds on the damn ground for any passing meanie to steal? i have since put up a sad little file folder with my name on it in the vestibule where my mailbox is, for which no one has the key. this is why the folder. in an ideal world i would like a "picasso" mailbox to throw up there, or even t his swedish one (from mahvelous mailboxes), but i'm morally opposed to paying over a hundred bucks for a mailbox so i'll be going economy style. if i do get a mailbox. anyway: let's be netflix friends! or at least you can recommend me some movies. i have a ton of documentaries; need smart comedies (please, no will ferrell vehicles). to the comments with you!