Okay, rock fans, settle in

Grab a tasty beverage, because this is going to be long. it was rough, but i battled my way through sickness, hateful cabbies, horrendous drink prices, unfathomable lines, and one minor panic attack in order to see as many bands as possible for the cmj music marathon. i have to admit i was a bit dismayed as the week started out: i had no buddy with a badge to run around with as in previous years. i was on my own. but then, thanks to the serendipitous blunder of a cmj employee, suddenly carl was in possession of a magical (or actually not so magical) laminate, and i didn't have to face the prospect of four nights of lonely showgoing. yay! now, without further ado, is the CATHERINE'S PITA CMJ REPORT i know you've all been waiting for:


as planned, i did halloween stuff. dressed up as little dead riding hood, hit elisabeth's parade-watching party, and proceeded with jami to the flavorpill halloween party, where we jumped on couches and rubbed people with inappropriate vibrating objects found on the floor. i think we may have seen css play. if so, they sucked. i think their album is pretty fun, though (listen to some).


the next night i got an early start. i'd actually taken wednesday through friday off, partly so i'd be rested enough to do it up right and partly because i needed to take the days and why not. so i decided to check out someone still loves you boris yeltsin at pianos at 6:30. i didn't really know their music too well but knew mr. catbirdseat had put out a record by them, and i respect that dude, so i wanted to check them out. i can't say i loved them. they played nice, safe indie rock. i can say they were cute, though.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, "House Fire"

After that it was over to fontana's, which gets my vote for most enjoyed venue of cmj, for swearing at motorists. this is two guys from dayton, one a crazily charismatic frontman/guitarist who jumps around all over the place and generally just fucking brings it, and a rather morose drummer who looks miserable to be there but plays those drums in a really graceful way that makes it look like he's dancing. they are amazing.